One Story House Plans: The Perfect Choice For Modern Living

Popular 47+ Floor Plans For A One Story House
Popular 47+ Floor Plans For A One Story House from


When it comes to choosing the perfect home, one story house plans are becoming increasingly popular. With their open floor plans, ease of accessibility, and energy-efficient designs, these homes are the ideal choice for modern living. In this article, we will explore the benefits of one story house plans and why they should be considered when building your dream home.

What are One Story House Plans?

One story house plans are designs that feature all the living areas on a single level. These homes are typically built on a concrete slab foundation and have a low-pitched roofline. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern, and range in size from small cottages to large estates.

Benefits of One Story House Plans

1. Easy Accessibility

One story house plans are ideal for homeowners who want to age in place or have mobility issues. With everything on one level, there are no stairs to climb or ramps to navigate, making it easier to move around the house. This also makes it easier for visitors to access all parts of the home.

2. Open Floor Plans

One story house plans typically feature open floor plans that allow for easy flow between rooms. This creates a spacious and airy feel, which is perfect for entertaining guests or spending time with family. The lack of walls also allows for more natural light to enter the home, making it brighter and more inviting.

3. Energy Efficiency

One story house plans are often designed with energy efficiency in mind. With everything on one level, there is less space to heat and cool, which can result in lower energy bills. Additionally, these homes often feature large windows to let in natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

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4. Flexibility

One story house plans are incredibly flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of any homeowner. They can be designed with a variety of features, such as a home office, a media room, or even a swimming pool. Additionally, they can be easily modified to accommodate future changes in lifestyle or family size.

Popular One Story House Plan Styles

1. Ranch Style

The ranch-style one story house plan is one of the most popular designs. It features a simple, rectangular layout, with a low-pitched roofline and an attached garage. These homes are often single-family and can range in size from small to large.

2. Craftsman Style

The craftsman-style one story house plan is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century. These homes feature a low-pitched roof, wide overhanging eaves, and exposed rafters. They are often built with natural materials, such as stone or wood, and have a warm and inviting feel.

3. Modern Style

The modern-style one story house plan is characterized by its clean lines, minimalist design, and use of industrial materials. These homes often feature large windows, flat roofs, and an open floor plan. They are perfect for homeowners who want a sleek and contemporary look.


One story house plans are the perfect choice for modern living. With their easy accessibility, open floor plans, energy-efficient designs, and flexibility, they offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive option for homeowners. Whether you’re building a small cottage or a large estate, one story house plans are worth considering when designing your dream home.

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